Free Legal Advice in South Africa online: Do you know that you can easily get a free legal advice online or offline in South Africa? Yes you can get this via .pro bono attorneies of Law for All. Discussed below:

About “pro bono

The term pro bono is used primarily in the legal profession. Lawyers who serve the public interest by providing free legal services to those in need do so on a pro bono basis. The provider is thought to be imparting a benefit for the greater good, instead of working for profit.

Who qualifies to get a free legal advice in South Africa?

To qualify for free legal assistance, a person must comply with a ‘means test’ (a maximum monthly or no income) and have a legal problem with merit. You will be referred to an attorney by the Legal Practice Council who will assist you free of charge (pro bono).

If a referral is made to a pro bono attorney, the client is responsible only for the cost of disbursements (actual expenses), such as Sheriffs’ fees, and the attorney will not charge any fees for the work and legal services provided.

Where to find and Apply for Pro Bono Legal Assistance in South Africa

Gauteng pro bono Lawyers
Western Cape pro bono Lawyers
Kwazulu-Natal pro bono Lawyers
Free State pro bono Lawyers
Northern Cape pro bono Lawyers
Limpopo pro bono Lawyers

About “Law for all”

Law for all” has a mission to make the law affordable and accessible for everyone in South Africa. Law for all has an award-winning team of talented, caring, and dependable legal experts who will go above and beyond to ensure policyholders have access to justice and that their rights are protected. “We’re always looking ahead. We’re committed to continually revising our processes and products to offer the best and most comprehensive legal care for South Africans.Find out more here

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