Requirements to study Law at Wits

Requirements to study Law at Wits:

Wits University offers prospective law students various pathways to pursue an LLB degree, catering to different academic backgrounds and career aspirations. Each stream has distinct requirements and durations, ensuring that students can find a route that suits their qualifications and goals.

Four-Year LLB Stream Requirements

The four-year LLB is designed for students coming straight from high school or those without prior university degrees. To qualify for this stream:

  • Admission Point Score (APS): Minimum of 46.
  • English: Home Language or First Additional Language at Level 6.
  • Mathematics: Minimum of Level 4.
  • Maths Literacy: Minimum of Level 6.

Students with an APS between 40 and 45 who also meet the English and Mathematics requirements may be wait-listed, depending on the availability of space.

Three-Year LLB Stream Requirements

This stream is tailored for applicants who already hold an undergraduate degree:

  • Previous Education: Applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree with at least 65% average in the final year. This degree should have been completed within the prescribed period plus one year.
  • Specific Requirement: This stream does not require an APS calculation from Matric results but focuses on university performance and is subject to assessment by the School of Law.

Students from institutions other than Wits need to apply for the second year of study under this stream, while Wits graduates without Law modules also target the second year.

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Two-Year LLB Stream Requirements

Designed for Wits graduates who have completed specific undergraduate degrees:

  • Eligibility: Available to students who have finished a BA Law or BCom Law at Wits.
  • Application: Applicants must select year of study 3, with admission based on prior academic performance and other criteria set by the School of Law.

BA Part-Time with Law Requirements

For those interested in a part-time Law degree alongside another BA subject:

  • APS: Minimum of 43.
  • English: Home Language or First Additional Language at Level 5.
  • Mathematics: Minimum of Level 3.
  • Maths Literacy: Minimum of Level 4.

Applicants scoring between 40 and 42 APS may be wait-listed, contingent upon space availability.

Special Considerations

  • Old Matric Qualifications (prior to 2008): Full exemption with an admission rating of at least 26, and English on Higher Grade (first or second language) with a symbol of D or above.
  • Transfer Students: Those currently studying Law at other institutions can apply if they have passed at least three courses, two of which must be Law courses, at their current institution. If this criterion is not met, they should consider starting with a general BA or BCom.
  • Diploma and BTech Graduates: Can enroll for a BA or BCom general degree and convert to Law after successfully completing the first year.
  • Degree Holders in Other Fields: Individuals with existing degrees can register for Law courses as occasional students without earning credits for courses passed in their previous degrees.

Wits Law School offers diverse entry points into the legal profession, accommodating a broad range of academic backgrounds and career plans. Prospective students are encouraged to carefully review the specific requirements for their chosen stream and prepare accordingly to meet the rigorous standards set by the university.