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Criminal law is a branch of law that deals with the investigation, prosecution, and punishment of individuals who are suspected of committing crimes. This includes a wide range of crimes, such as theft, assault, murder, and fraud. Criminal law sets out the punishments and penalties for individuals who are convicted of these crimes, and provides the legal framework for law enforcement agencies to investigate and bring charges against those suspected of breaking the law. The aim of criminal law is to ensure that individuals who commit crimes are held accountable for their actions, and to protect society from criminal behavior.

Criminal Lawyers Specialities in South Africa

Our team of experienced and highly qualified lawyers can assist you with the following criminal law services:

  1. Criminal Defense Representation: This service provides representation for individuals who have been charged with a crime. This includes representation in court, negotiating plea bargains, and advocating for the rights of the accused.
  2. Bail Bond Services: This service provides assistance in obtaining a bail bond for those who have been arrested and need to be released from custody. This includes researching bail bond options and assisting with the bail application process.
  3. Criminal Investigation: This service involves conducting an investigation into a crime to gather evidence and information that can be used in court. This includes interviewing witnesses, conducting background checks, and collecting physical evidence.
  4. Criminal Record Expungement: This service helps individuals clear their criminal record by petitioning the court to have the record sealed or destroyed. This service is particularly helpful for individuals who have been wrongly convicted or have a minor criminal record that is hindering their ability to find employment.
  5. Plea Bargain Negotiation: This service involves negotiating a plea bargain with the prosecution. A plea bargain is an agreement between the defendant and the prosecution where the defendant agrees to plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for a lighter sentence or reduced charges.
  6. Sentencing Advocacy: This service involves advocating for a lenient sentence for the defendant. This may include presenting evidence of the defendant’s good character, mitigating circumstances, and arguing for alternative forms of punishment such as community service or rehabilitation.
  7. Criminal Appeal Representation: This service provides representation for individuals who wish to appeal a criminal conviction. This includes filing an appeal, presenting legal arguments, and advocating for a new trial or a reduction in sentence.
  8. Criminal Trial Representation: This service provides representation for individuals who are facing trial. This includes preparing for trial, presenting evidence, and advocating for the rights of the defendant.
  9. Probation Violation Representation: This service provides representation for individuals who have violated their probation. This may include negotiating a plea bargain, advocating for a lenient sentence, or representing the defendant in a probation violation hearing.
  10. Criminal Forensics: This service involves the use of scientific and technological methods to gather evidence and analyze crime scenes. This includes fingerprint analysis, DNA analysis, and ballistics testing.

We have a network of top-notch lawyers located in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Polokwane, and Bloemfontein. Our lawyers have a deep understanding of the criminal justice system in South Africa and can provide expert legal advice and representation.

At “Legal Advice”, we understand that facing criminal charges can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. That’s why we are committed to providing you with the best possible legal representation and guidance. Our lawyers will work tirelessly to ensure that your rights are protected and to secure the best possible outcome for your case.

So, if you need help with any criminal law matter, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our team is ready and waiting to assist you. Get the legal advice and representation you need, from the best lawyers in South Africa. Contact us today.

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