Guide to Female Divorce Lawyers in South Africa

In South Africa, the legal profession is home to many talented female divorce lawyers who specialize in family law and related areas. These professionals offer expert guidance and representation in divorce cases, ensuring their clients receive fair treatment and support throughout the legal process.

Below is a province-by-province guide highlighting some of the top female divorce lawyers in South Africa, emphasizing their skills, experience, and dedication to family law.

KwaZulu-Natal Female Lawyers

Wendy Bothma Attorneys (Amanzimtoti)

Wendy Bothma is a renowned female divorce lawyer based in Amanzimtoti, KwaZulu-Natal. At Wendy Bothma Attorneys, she provides exceptional legal services in divorce and family law matters. Wendy’s practice is well-regarded for its commitment to achieving the best outcomes for clients. Contact her at 031 903 3361 or 082 807 6518. You can also reach her via email at or visit her website at

Eleanor Koali (Westville, Durban)

Eleanor Koali is a committed female divorce lawyer based in Westville, Durban. As the director at her firm, she focuses on providing outstanding legal services with attention to detail in every case. Eleanor can be reached at 031 003 5326 or via email at

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Gauteng Female Lawyers

Sheryl Michelow (Sandton)

Sheryl Michelow is a highly experienced female divorce lawyer operating in Sandton, Gauteng. With 37 years of practice, she is a sole proprietor specializing in family law. Sheryl’s extensive experience includes handling complex divorce cases, child custody issues, and maintenance disputes. She is based at No. 5 Malopo Road, Gallo Manor, Sandton. For consultations, contact her at 082 654 5482 or via email at

Thandeka Mpanza (Sandton)

Thandeka Mpanza is another distinguished female divorce lawyer located in Sandton, Gauteng. As the director of her firm, she focuses on family law and divorce, alongside commercial and corporate law, general civil litigation, and labor and employment law. Thandeka’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Laws degree, and she is currently pursuing her Master of Laws (LLM) degree in Insurance Law. She can be reached at (010) 141 0029 or via email at

Nicole Rasi (Parkwood)

Nicole Rasi, a partner at Rasiluma TD Attorneys Inc. in Hyde Park, is a proficient female divorce lawyer with six years of practice. She is based at 40 Chester Road, Parkwood, Johannesburg. Nicole is known for her dedication to family law and her ability to navigate complex divorce cases effectively. Contact her at +27 (0)11 551 1670 or visit for more information.

Western Cape Female Lawyers

Mariska Coete (Paarl)

Mariska Coete is a prominent female divorce lawyer practicing at Van Wyk Van Heerden Attorneys in Paarl, Western Cape. Her expertise includes access to children, children’s rights, custody, divorce, evictions, family law, litigation (Magistrate’s Court), maintenance, and matrimonial issues. Mariska’s academic background includes a BA, LLB from Stellenbosch University, and a Master of Laws with a focus on Children’s Rights. She can be contacted at +27 (0)21 871 1050 or via email at

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Karusha Iyer (Claremont)

Karusha Iyer is the director at TNK Attorneys in Claremont, Cape Town. With 11 years of practice, she is a dedicated female divorce lawyer specializing in civil litigation, commercial law, family law, and evictions. Karusha’s notable achievements include winning a landmark case for a blind busker assaulted by police officials. Reach her at +27 (0)21 712 9851 or via email at

Lana Victor (Bellville)

Lana Victor is a respected female divorce lawyer at Simpsons Attorneys Inc. in Bellville, Cape Town. She specializes in divorce, domestic violence, children’s rights, and family law. Lana’s academic background includes a National Diploma in Policing (Cum Laude) and an LLB from UNISA. She can be reached at +27 (0)21 949 2270 or via email at

Khuthala Rachel Stuurman (Groenheuwel, Paarl)

Khuthala Rachel Stuurman, managing director at KR Stuurman Attorneys Inc., is a passionate female divorce lawyer with expertise in labor law and family law. She is based in Groenheuwel, Paarl, and can be contacted at 065 905 8778 or via email at

Rumbi Govah (Paarl)

Rumbi Govah, an associate at A De Bruyn Attorneys, is a dedicated female divorce lawyer in Paarl. With expertise in family law, mediation, and debt review, Rumbi is known for her mediation skills in resolving parental conflicts. Contact her at 021 200 5644 or via email at

Rochelle Van Aswegen (Stellenbosch)

Rochelle Van Aswegen, an attorney at Brand & Robberts Attorneys, is an emerging female divorce lawyer in Stellenbosch. With a strong focus on family law and litigation, Rochelle offers dedicated legal services. She can be contacted at +27 (0)21 883 2751 or via email at

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Free State Female Lawyers

Marisa Koen (Bethlehem)

Marisa Koen, a director at her own practice, is a seasoned female divorce lawyer serving the Bethlehem area. With 19 years of practice, she is known for her innovative solutions to complex legal problems in family law. Marisa can be contacted at 082 373 1437 or via email at

Choosing the right female divorce lawyer in South Africa is crucial for navigating the complexities of divorce and family law. The lawyers listed above represent some of the best in their field, offering specialized knowledge, experience, and dedication to achieving the best outcomes for their clients. Whether you are in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, the Western Cape, or the Free State, these professionals are ready to assist with your legal needs.