Requirements to study Law at UJ 2023

Requirements to study Law at UJ in 2023:Outstanding lawyers and a sound legal system are prerequisites of any civilised society. The legal system provides the rules within which the State’s administration, the business world, individuals and organisations – indeed the whole community – operate. In any country in which the law reigns supreme, lawyers must apply legal rules and act as watchdogs to ensure that everyone adheres to the norms of society. Because the law plays such an immense and far-reaching role, legal studies cover a wide and exciting field: the rules of the tough business world and the business entities operating within it; the protection of human rights; intimate family relationships; the prosecution of criminals; and the conclusion of contracts, to name but a few. This serves as proof of the variety of disciplines to which law students will be exposed during their studies, as well as the wide-ranging experience that they will gain.

The Faculty of Law at the University of Johannesburg has a team of lecturers in the legal fraternity that provide legal education of the highest order. These lecturers are also involved in legal research, which has a huge influence on new legislation and the decisions of South African courts.

The Faculty’s rankings speak for themselves. For example, the 2020 Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings by Subject: Law has ranked UJ Law in the top 190 worldwide in the 151+ band of this Ranking. The Faculty of Law at UJ is one of the six South African faculties of law ranked by the 2020 Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings by Subject: Law. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that our law students are well sought after in the legal and commercial worlds and in the public service. If you join this Faculty, you will become part of a rich tradition. You will also become part of a student body that values its ties with the Faculty, and we hope you will remain proud and loyal even after your studies have been completed.

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Reasons you should study Law at UJ

  • Contributing to the Faculty’s outstanding academic results is a highly qualified and motivated team of lecturers, boasting master’s and doctoral degrees in abundance.
  • The UJ Faculty of Law has strong ties with some of the largest and most prestigious law firms in the country.
  • Each first-year student is taken to visit a lower court, high court and the constitutional court – a truly unique experience.
  • The UJ Faculty of Law has effective mentor and tutor systems that are in place to help students succeed in their current and future legal studies.
  • The Faculty of Law boasts a world-class law library.
  • In the module, Applied Legal Studies, final year LLB students obtain practical training and experience through real-life situations and working with real clients.
  • Students participate in moot court competitions annually. UJ has always performed exceptionally well at these competitions, both nationally and internationally.
  • Students study law in the economic hub of Africa.
  • Our sterling master’s degree programmes combine academic researchwith some of the specialised fields of legal and commercial practice, empowering students to participate authoritatively in their chosen fields.
  • Unique study opportunities are available to students through internationalexchange programmes at overseas universities.

Take note of the Following before applying

  • After completing a BA (Law) or BCom (Law) degree, it is possible to do an honours degree in a specialised discipline other than law.
  • After completion of your LLB degree, you can enrol for a specialised Master’s degree in Law (if you comply with the relevant selection and admission criteria).
  • If you are currently in Gr. 12, you apply to study at the University with your final Gr. 11 results, not your Gr. 12 results. You will, however, be finally selected or admitted on your final Gr. 12 results.
  • If you have already finished Gr. 12, you apply with your final Gr. 12/matric results (thus your matric certificate).
  • It is very important that you apply in time. Don’t miss closing dates as the Faculty only accepts a certain number of students per year.
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The following undergraduate Law degrees are offered at UJ:

Requirements to study Law at UJ

What is an APS? APS is short for Admission Points Score. This is the score used to determine whether a prospective student can be admitted to study a degree in the Faculty of Law. It is easy to calculate the APS – it is basically the sum of the achievement ratings for the 6 best prescribed school subjects (each achievement rating is calculated on a sliding scale). Take note that the performance rating for the subject Life Orientation is not taken into account in this calculation. See the next page for the full admission requirements and the APS scale.

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