How to Check Road Accident Fund Claim Status?

If you are looking to check on the status of a Road Accident Fund (RAF) claim, you can follow these steps to ensure that your inquiry is processed smoothly. The RAF is a public entity which compensates individuals injured in road accidents in South Africa.

  1. Contact the RAF Directly:
    • Call Center: The RAF has a call center that claimants can contact. The phone number is usually provided on their official website or claim documentation.
    • Call: 087 820 1 111
    • Email Inquiry: You can send an email to the RAF’s customer service address:
  2. Claim Number:
    • Always have your claim number handy. This is a unique identifier for your case and is crucial for obtaining information.
  3. Visit a Local Office:
    • You can visit your nearest RAF office for a direct inquiry. Make sure to bring identification and any relevant documents related to your claim.
  4. Legal Assistance:
    • If you have an attorney, they can check the status on your behalf. Legal representatives usually have established communication channels with the RAF.
  5. Documentation:
    • Keep all documents related to your claim in order, as you may need to reference them or provide information from them when making inquiries.
  6. Be Patient:
    • The RAF processes a high volume of claims. It is essential to be patient while waiting for a response, but also to be persistent if you do not receive a timely update.
  7. Record All Correspondence:
    • Keep records of all your interactions with the RAF, including reference numbers of calls, copies of emails, and notes from personal visits.
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When inquiring about your claim, remember to keep personal information secure and only share it through official channels to protect your privacy and the integrity of your claim. For the most current and detailed information, the RAF’s official website or direct contact with their customer service is recommended.

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NB: RAF has a strict time limit of three years in which to submit a claim from the date of the accident

NB: RAF has a strict time limit of three years in which to submit a claim from the date of the accident

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