Need a lawyer to sue a company in South Africa? Try these ones

Need a lawyer to sue a company in South Africa? Try these ones.

To sue a company in South Africa, you should follow these steps:

  1. Consult a Lawyer: First, seek legal advice to understand your case’s merits and the specific legal procedures involved.
  2. Draft Legal Documents: Your lawyer will help draft the necessary legal documents, including a summons and particulars of claim, outlining your case against the company.
  3. Issue the Summons: The summons must be issued at the court with jurisdiction over the matter. This involves filing the documents with the court and paying the required fees.
  4. Serve the Summons: The summons must be officially served to the company, usually by the sheriff of the court.
  5. Wait for a Response: The company has a specified period (usually 10 to 20 court days) to respond to the summons, either by acknowledging or defending the claim.
  6. Discovery Process: If the case is defended, both parties enter the discovery phase, where they exchange evidence and documents relevant to the case.
  7. Pre-Trial Conference: A pre-trial conference may be held to attempt to resolve the matter out of court.
  8. Go to Trial: If the matter is not settled, it will proceed to trial, where both parties present their arguments and evidence before a judge.
  9. Judgment and Enforcement: The judge makes a decision based on the evidence. If you win, the court will issue a judgment against the company, which you can then enforce.

Remember, suing a company can be a complex and time-consuming process. It is crucial to have professional legal assistance to navigate the legal system effectively.

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Need a lawyer to sue a company in South Africa? Try these ones
Need a lawyer to sue a company in South Africa? Try these ones

South African Lawyers that will assist you in suing a company

Here is a list of law firms in South Africa, categorized by city, specializing in corporate litigation:

Cape Town

  1. ENSafrica: +27 21 410 2500​
  2. Ashersons Attorneys: +27 214 616 240​
  3. Carey Olsen: +27 21 286 0026​
  4. Clyde & Co: +27 21 286 0350​
  5. Charl Dominic Coetzee Inc
  6. Schoemanlaw Inc Attorneys
  7. VanderSpuy Cape Town: ​021 419 3622


  1. Thomson Wilks Inc


  1. Pravda & Knowles Attorneys


  1. Hogan Lovells: +27 11 052 6100​
  2. Marais Attorneys: +27 87 536 1110​
  3. Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP: +27 11 586 6000​
  4. Christodoulou & Mavrikis Inc
  5. Bowmans: ​
  6. Judin Combrinck Inc.: ​
  7. Cabalex & Associates: ​


  1. VDT Attorneys Inc.: +27 124-521-300​
  2. Stegmanns Incorporated