Burger Potgieter Attorneys in Cape Town

On this page, you will find about Burger Potgieter Attorneys in Cape Town, a legal practice in the areas of Bellville / Durbanville.

About Burger Potgieter Attorneys in Cape Town

If you are based in the areas of Bellville / Durbanville, Burger Potgieter Attorneys in Cape Town will be the best legal firm for you.

Burger Potgieter Attorneys, based in Cape Town, offers a comprehensive suite of legal services with a commitment to tailoring their expertise to the individual needs and circumstances of each client. Located at Office 2, Fourth Floor, Imperial Terraces, Tyger Waterfront, Carl Cronje Drive, Bellville, 7530, the firm is easily accessible to those in the Western Cape region, particularly in the Bellville/Durbanville area.

With 16 years of practice, this law firm has honed its skills across a broad range of legal areas, including but not limited to Access to Children, Antenuptial Contracts, Civil and Commercial Law, Conveyancing, Criminal Law, Custody, Divorce and Divorce Mediation, Family Law, and more. Their expertise extends to specialized areas such as Gay Rights/Same Sex Rights, Property Law, and Trusts and Wills, showcasing their commitment to diversity and inclusiveness in legal practice.

Contact information for Burger Potgieter Attorneys is comprehensive, ensuring that clients can reach them through various channels: Phone at +27 (0)21 421 2760/1, Fax at 086 637 4702, or Cell at 084 790 7052. Additionally, their Docex is 227 Cape Town, and they can be contacted via Email at info@burgerpotgieter.co.za. For further information about their services, the Website www.burgerpotgieter.co.za serves as a resourceful tool.

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The firm’s areas of practice are extensive, ensuring a broad spectrum of legal services is covered, from Company Law and Registrations, Contracts, and Evictions to Litigation in various courts, including the High Court and Magistrates Court. This wide array of services is indicative of the firm’s versatile expertise and their capability to handle diverse legal challenges.

Burger Potgieter Attorneys prides itself on being solution-oriented, advocating for settlement over litigation wherever possible. This approach not only saves time and resources but also aligns with the firm’s aim of providing affordable, quality legal services. Their ethos is centered around understanding and addressing the unique needs of each client, ensuring personalized and effective legal solutions.

As a boutique law firm located in the picturesque Tyger Waterfront, they specialize in Mediation, Family Law, Marriage Contracts, as well as Bond Applications and Registrations and Property Transactions, demonstrating their agility and commitment to delivering customized legal services. Their approach is not just about legal representation but about fostering relationships that encourage positive outcomes for all parties involved.

In summary, Burger Potgieter Attorneys stands out for its client-centered approach, extensive areas of practice, and commitment to affordable and quality legal services, making it a distinguished choice for legal representation in the Cape Town area.

Burger Potgieter Attorneys in Cape Town specialises in the following areas:
Children Access Rights, Antenuptial Contracts, Association Agreements, Civil, Commercial, Company Law, Company Registrations, Contracts, Conveyancing, Criminal, Custody, Deceased Estates, Divorce and Mediation Matters, Drunk Driving, Estates, Evictions, Family Law, Gay Rights / Same Sex Rights, General Law Practice, High Court Practice, Leases, Litigation (Civil), Litigation (Commercial), Litigation (Criminal), Litigation (General), Litigation (High Court), Litigation (Magistrates Court), Maintenance, Matrimonial, Mediation, Notary / Notaries Public, Property Law, Sale of Business, Sectional Title, Sexual Harassment, Shareholders Agreements, Trusts, Wills

Choose Burger Potgieter Attorneys in Cape Town for a partnership where your legal needs are met with care, professionalism, and respect—a firm where trust and expertise meet.

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If you would like to contact Burger Potgieter Attorneys in Cape Town, use the following details:

  • Region: Western Cape / Cape Town
  • Address: Office 2, Fourth Floor, Imperial Terraces, Tyger Waterfront, Carl Cronje Drive, Bellville, 7530
  • Email: info@burgerpotgieter.co.za
  • Website: www.burgerpotgieter.co.za
  • Contacts: +27 (0)21 421 2760/1 / 084 790 7052


When considering reaching out to a law firm, it’s wise to keep a few key points in mind to ensure you’re making the best choice for your needs. Here’s what you should look for:

  1. Relevant Expertise: Choose a firm with strong experience in your specific legal issue.
  2. Reputation: Look up online reviews and ratings to gauge the firm’s reliability.
  3. Success Rate: Inquire about their track record with similar cases.
  4. Communication: Ensure they communicate clearly and you feel comfortable with them.
  5. Fee Transparency: Understand how they charge and get an upfront cost estimate.
  6. Location: Consider the firm’s proximity, especially for local legal matters.
  7. Firm Size: Decide if you prefer the resources of a larger firm or the personalized touch of a smaller one.
  8. Availability: Make sure the firm has the bandwidth to focus on your case.

Consult with multiple firms to compare before deciding, ensuring a well-informed choice.

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