How Much Does RAF Pay for Death?

The Road Accident Fund (RAF) provides financial support to the families of individuals who have lost their lives in road accidents in South Africa. Understanding the compensation structure for death claims is crucial for those affected by such tragedies. This article explores the amounts and types of compensation the RAF offers in cases of death, based on the latest available data.

How Much Does RAF Pay for Death?

Average Payout for Loss of Support Claims:

In 2020, the average loss of support claim paid out by the RAF was approximately R450,307​​. This figure represents financial compensation to families who have lost a breadwinner or someone providing financial support. The amount of loss of support claim a family can receive is subject to periodic adjustments for inflation. As of January 2021, the limit for these claims was capped at R299,154 per annum​​.

Funeral Expenses Reimbursement:

The RAF also covers funeral expenses for individuals killed in road accidents. Families can claim costs including the transportation of the body, coffin or burial shroud, storage, preparation and embalming of the body, issuing of the death certificate, and burial or cremation costs​​. However, it’s important to note that there are specific expenses that cannot be claimed under this category.

Overall Claim Values:

While the specific payout for death claims varies based on individual cases and the relationship of the claimant to the deceased, it’s insightful to look at the broader scope of RAF payouts. In 2020, the average payout per claim was R138,010, with R826,007 being the average payout for loss of earnings claims​​. In 2021, the average value paid out per claim increased to R235,141, with an average payout for loss of earnings claims being R1,084,369 and for general damages R516,097​​.

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The compensation provided by the RAF in cases of death due to road accidents is a critical support system for affected families. The fund offers reimbursement for funeral expenses and provides loss of support payments to those who have lost a family member who was a financial provider. The amounts vary based on individual circumstances and are periodically adjusted. It’s essential for claimants to understand these details to make informed decisions during their claims process.


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NB: RAF has a strict time limit of three years in which to submit a claim from the date of the accident

NB: RAF has a strict time limit of three years in which to submit a claim from the date of the accident

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Note: This article provides an overview based on available data and should be used for informational purposes. For specific queries or claims, it’s advised to consult directly with the RAF or legal professionals experienced in handling such claims.