Road Accident Fund Claims Payouts for Different Injuries

Road accidents can have life-altering consequences, and the Road Accident Fund (RAF) in South Africa offers a beacon of hope for those affected. It provides financial assistance for various damages incurred during road mishaps. The compensation amount is determined by the severity and impact of injuries, and here’s an insight into how the RAF disburses funds for different categories of injuries.

Average Claim Payouts

In the 2020/2021 financial year, the RAF reported an average payout of R235,141 per claim. However, it’s important to note that this is merely an average. Some claims, especially those that reach court proceedings, may secure much higher amounts.

Significant RAF Payouts

In 2023, a significant payout of R4,761,570 was awarded to a man for loss of earnings and general damages, along with coverage for future medical treatment. Another notable payout was R6,509,622 for a child injured by a vehicle, demonstrating the potential for substantial compensation based on the incident’s specifics.

Compensation Categories

The RAF covers five main areas of damages:

  1. Medical Expenses:
    • For the 2020/2021 period, the average medical damages claim was R32,546.
    • Claims must be backed by comprehensive documentation to obtain reimbursement for past and future medical costs.
  2. Loss of Earnings:
    • The average claim for lost earnings in the same period was R1,084,369.
    • Compensation includes lost wages due to the inability to work post-accident and may factor in diminished earning capacity.
  3. General Damages:
    • On average, R516,097 was claimed for general damages.
    • This encompasses compensation for pain, suffering, and quality of life loss due to serious injuries.
  4. Loss of Support:
    • The average claim for loss of support was R639,006.
    • This applies when a family’s breadwinner has been fatally injured, provided the accident wasn’t solely due to their negligence.
  5. Funeral Costs:
    • The average RAF payout for funeral expenses stood at R17,448.
    • This covers the essential funeral expenses but not ancillary costs like catering or transport for attendees.
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Caps on Claims

For loss of earnings or support, there’s a cap on the claimable amount, which is adjusted for inflation. As of April 2023, this cap was R342,366 annually. It’s essential to engage an actuary for precise calculations within this limit.

Case Examples

The specific payout from the RAF isn’t solely dependent on the type of injury but also on various factors like age, earning capacity before the accident, and projected medical expenses. Below are examples of payouts for specific injuries:

  • Above-elbow amputation: A 10-year-old received R600,000 for general damages and R2,418,700 for loss of earnings.
  • Severe brain damage: A 3-year-old was awarded R600,000 for general damages and R617,446 for loss of earnings.
  • Paraplegia and partial paralysis: A 13-year-old’s case resulted in a R2,500,000 payout for general damages and R6,500,000 for loss of earnings.

Understanding Your Claim

The amounts mentioned above are examples and do not guarantee similar compensation for other cases. Each claim is treated uniquely, and the RAF considers numerous elements when deciding on a payout. If you’re planning to submit a claim, it’s advisable to consult with a legal professional who can guide you through the process and help document your case effectively.

In summary, the RAF plays a crucial role in providing financial support to those impacted by road accidents. While the payout amounts vary, understanding the categories and factors that influence these figures can help claimants set realistic expectations and navigate the claims process more effectively.


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