University of Limpopo Law Studies Requirements

UL Law requirements 2024 -2025

The requirements to study law at the University of Limpopo (UL) are as follows:

LLB Bachelor of Laws:

  • Academic Performance Score (APS): Minimum APS of 30 required.
  • English Proficiency: Must have achieved between 60 – 69% in English.
  • Duration of Study: The program is structured to be completed over 4 years.

LLB Bachelor of Laws Extended Curriculum Programme:

  • Academic Performance Score (APS): Minimum APS of 26 required.
  • English Proficiency: Similar English proficiency requirements as the standard LLB, with a focus on ensuring adequate language skills for legal studies.

These criteria apply to the standard LLB program and the Extended Curriculum Programme, providing options for students with varying academic backgrounds.

Studying law can be a prestigious and rewarding path, and for those looking to pursue an LLB Bachelor of Laws at the University of Limpopo (UL), specific criteria must be met. Below, We will outline the requirements for both the regular LLB program and the Extended Curriculum Programme as they stand for the upcoming academic years.

LLB Bachelor of Laws

Academic Performance Score (APS) Requirement:
To be eligible for the LLB Bachelor of Laws at the University of Limpopo, applicants are required to have a minimum APS of 30. This score is calculated based on the results of your National Senior Certificate (NSC) or equivalent qualifications, ensuring that applicants have the academic foundation necessary for the rigorous study of law.

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English Proficiency:
A firm grasp of English is essential for success in law studies, as it is the medium of instruction and a key tool in legal proceedings and literature. Prospective students must have scored between 60-69% in English to meet the admission criteria for the LLB program.

Duration of Study:
The LLB Bachelor of Laws at UL is designed as a four-year program. This structure allows students to thoroughly grasp the complexities of the law through a series of compulsory and elective modules that cover various legal fields.

LLB Bachelor of Laws Extended Curriculum Programme

Academic Performance Score (APS) Requirement:
The Extended Curriculum Programme is an alternative pathway aimed at accommodating students who show potential for law studies but who do not meet the APS threshold for the standard LLB program. For this program, a minimum APS of 26 is required. This lower APS allows more students access to legal education by providing additional academic support over an extended period.

English Proficiency:
Just like the standard LLB program, proficiency in English is crucial. Applicants need to demonstrate strong English language skills to cope with the demands of the course. Specific percentage requirements are akin to those of the standard LLB route, focusing on ensuring that all students can effectively engage with the coursework.

Both law programs at the University of Limpopo provide rigorous training geared towards preparing students for a career in the legal field. The university’s offerings ensure that various educational backgrounds can find a path to pursuing a legal career, provided they meet the necessary academic and linguistic standards.