Van den Heever Attorneys t/a VDH Attorneys in Grassy Park

On this page, you will find about Van den Heever Attorneys t/a VDH Attorneys in Grassy Park, a legal practice in the areas of Wynberg.

About Van den Heever Attorneys t/a VDH Attorneys in Grassy Park

If you are based in the areas of Wynberg, Van den Heever Attorneys t/a VDH Attorneys in Grassy Park will be the best legal firm for you.

Van den Heever Attorneys t/a VDH Attorneys in Grassy Park is a testament to legal expertise and reliability, deeply ingrained in South African legal standards. Recognized for its integrity and commitment to justice, this law firm is your trusted partner in navigating the legal landscape.

Van den Heever Attorneys t/a VDH Attorneys in Grassy Park specialises in the following areas:
Children Access Rights, Administrative Law, Adoption, Agriculture Law Matters, Antenuptial Contracts, Anti-counterfeiting, Anti-discrimination, Arbitration, Association Agreements, Bail Law, Bankruptcy Law, Bills of Legal Costs, Black Empowerment, Blacklistings, Business Law, Childrens Rights, Civil, Civil Unions, Collections, Commercial, Commercial Drafting, Communications and Media, Company Law, Company Registrations, Competition Law, Conservation and Wildlife, Constitutional, Constitutional Class Actions, Consumer Law, Contracts, Conveyancing, Copyright, Corporate, Credit Law, Criminal, Curatorship / Curator Bonis, Custody, Debt Collections, Debt consolidation, Deceased Estates, Disability, Divorce and Mediation Matters, Domestic Partnerships, Domestic Violence, Drunk Driving, Due Diligence Audits, Education Law, Emotional Will, Employee Benefits, Employee Share Incentive Schemes, Employment Equity, Employment Law and Labour Matters (CCMA), Environmental Law, Estates, Evictions, Expropriation Law, Family Law, Finance (Corporate), Finance (Project), Fraud, General Law Practice, High Court Practice, Immigration / Emigration, Industrial Relations, Information Technology, Insolvency, Insurance Law, Joint Ventures and Acquisitions , Labour Law, Leases, Liquidation, Litigation (Civil), Litigation (Commercial), Litigation (Corporate), Litigation (Criminal), Litigation (General), Litigation (High Court), Litigation (Magistrates Court), Maintenance, Matrimonial, Mediation, Medical Aids / Managed Health Care, Mergers and Acquisitions, Mine Health and Safety, Mineral Law/Rights, Municipal Law, MVA / Motor Vehicle Accident Claims, Partnership Agreements, Pensions and Retirement Funds, Privatisations, Procurement Law, Professional Ethics, Professional negligence, Property Law, Provident Fund disputes, Rehabilitation Orders, Rehabilitations, Retirement Fund Law, Sale of Business, Sexual Harassment, Shareholders Agreements, Transport Law, Trusts, White Collar Crime, Wills, Wrongful Death

Choose Van den Heever Attorneys t/a VDH Attorneys in Grassy Park for a partnership where your legal needs are met with care, professionalism, and respect—a firm where trust and expertise meet.

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If you would like to contact Van den Heever Attorneys t/a VDH Attorneys in Grassy Park, use the following details:

  • Region: Western Cape / Cape Town
  • Address: 261 Fourth Avenue, Grassy Park, Cape Town
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Contacts: 021 705 6731 / 076 5036 916


When considering reaching out to a law firm, it’s wise to keep a few key points in mind to ensure you’re making the best choice for your needs. Here’s what you should look for:

  1. Relevant Expertise: Choose a firm with strong experience in your specific legal issue.
  2. Reputation: Look up online reviews and ratings to gauge the firm’s reliability.
  3. Success Rate: Inquire about their track record with similar cases.
  4. Communication: Ensure they communicate clearly and you feel comfortable with them.
  5. Fee Transparency: Understand how they charge and get an upfront cost estimate.
  6. Location: Consider the firm’s proximity, especially for local legal matters.
  7. Firm Size: Decide if you prefer the resources of a larger firm or the personalized touch of a smaller one.
  8. Availability: Make sure the firm has the bandwidth to focus on your case.

Consult with multiple firms to compare before deciding, ensuring a well-informed choice.


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